"But rather fear that which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell" (Mt. 10,28)

Most of Russia has been occupied by infernal powers. Not only all the existing sects, predators of the near and far-away abroad, traders in arms, narcotics, abominations and pornography, but also all kinds of satanic spirits have rushed upon the once Holy Russia.

Unprecedented spiritual war is raging. Everywhere mortal danger is lying in wait for a human soul, that danger which is worse than the physical death...

Any evil deed and any kind of insidiousness have become accessible to anyone who will choose to commit them. In newspapers and magazines, almost in any kiosk, one may even against one's will stumble upon all sorts of devilry. At all times one can buy not only occult and esoteric books, but also practical guides in black magic, offering advice and easy to follow instructions of how to bewitch, to fend off something, to exterminate, or to kill. But many of the homegrown black magicians do not know that by committing such evil deeds they are in the first place condemning themselves... to eternal damnation and pitch darkness. Having forgotten, during the Soviet years, how to think in terms of Christianity, the poor victims of black aggression do not realize that having consented to commit a mystical crime they are committing the greatest mortal sin for which, without God's help, they can never atone neither in this, nor especially in the eternal life! (Of course, theoretically a sincere repentance with a subsequent joining the Church and praying for one's sins may save a fallen soul, but in reality -- how many of them have actually succeeded in getting rid of the enemy holding them in his grip? After all, this presupposes the kind of spiritual struggle of which not many would be capable today.) Spiritual world has its own strict laws (comp. Lk. 16,19-31). Eternal death of the soul and unending torment -- is what one should expect for making a treaty with the devil.

A direct cooperation with evil forces is not always thrust upon the modern man who has been spiritually besieged. It is enough to suppress his will, to lull his conscience (this voice of God), to turn him into a spiritless consumer of "mass culture", to make him lose his freedom of choice and thus become a zombie. And in this state he will begin to understand freedom in its negative manifestation (everything is permitted!) and will be unable to tell the difference between left and right, good and evil, and hence will become inclined to evil, and willy-nilly he will participate in it.

Spiritual death in one's lifetime, known in ascetic literature as the "first death" -- is the lot of those who live without God in their soul, without a thought about salvation, which is the reason for our life on earth.

In devastated Russia of today and in its near abroad (as the former republics of the USSR are now called) arms are taken up against the man from his early childhood: press, radio and television are engaged in moral corruption, while plundering of children's souls takes place in schools. Apart from the infiltration into some schools of the "New Age" ideology with a rather disquieting occult meditation, secondary and tertiary schools employ many sectarians, including those representing warped sects, such as Moonies, or "Aum Shinri Kyo" which are prohibited in other countries. For instance, Mormons are allowed to work in schools allegedly for students' practice of English, and Baptists, Pentecostals, Jehovahs Witnesses and other roving missionaries -- for preaching "religion"...

Almost the entire world surrounding man, and particularly mass media, has been mobilized to wage war against his soul. They all strive to tear man away from God, from his neighbor, and from himself.

The dark Mafia has seized all the key positions in Russia: government, army, education, medicine, etc. Recently a member of the State Duma, TV magician Kashpirovsky smugly announced to the TV viewers: "They operate with words, I operate with my eyes". It is quite possible that soon Dzhuna will be sitting in the State Duma (there are many military men in her party). This super-witch of our days, who was once treating Brezhnev and other high-ranking Soviet nomenclature, has received for her "medical" activity various top awards and titles (including that of an "academic") in Russia and abroad. The UNESCO named her the "doctor of the year" in 1995.

It is also well known that whenever there is a need, people are exposed to psychogenerators which manipulate the psyche of huge masses of population. Thus, eyewitnesses and specialists in extrasensory perception (i.e. those who actually know what it is all about) have testified that in October 3-4 of 1993, during the bombardment of the "White House" in Moscow, psychogenerators were activated to suggest certain persistent thoughts and desires.

Unheard of experimentation over man's soul, his psyche are conducted particularly on TV where programs often include seances of hypnosis (i.e. a magical influence, according to the teaching of the Church) conducted by famous hypnotists-magicians, such as the above mentioned Kashpirovsky, Dzhuna, or Chumak. TV viewers do not even suspect that they are enticed into an infernal trap while watching these programs. Often they are also unaware of the peril emanating from all sorts of psychics -- "healers" [212], who often engage themselves in the theft of people's vital energy, or in vampirism, in plain language; they would have no idea about the reverse side of the coin of the so called "codification" used against alcoholism or smoking.

Of all the mentioned lawless acts of the Moscow Patriarchate, the most terrible is, undoubtedly, an "introduction of dark spirituality into the Church", which the journal Return called "the last leap into the abyss" [213].

During the last five years one was able to observe a special kind of cooperation between the MP and magicians parading in white coats. In this regard, Patriarch Alexius II and the recently deceased Metropolitan Ioann of St. Petersburg (he died at the presentation of the Bank of St. Petersburg) and Archpriest Vasily Lesnyak, have acquired the sad notoriety. The two latter ones in particular, were closely connected with occultists. Lesnyak was of a practicing kind himself, for he was a member of the editorial board of the "Messenger of Hypnology and Psychotherapy", a "spiritual father" and a member of the Scientific Council of the International Institute of Reserve Potentials of Man (IIRPM). They both very actively participated in the work of St. Alexander Nevsky Brotherhood of Temperance (this has become a kind of second name of the IIRPM, inasmuch as both these organizations consisted of the same persons).

The IIRPM, this highly dubious establishment, was given, in 1991, the blessing of "Patriarch" Ridiger and Metropolitan Ioann (Snychev). "We are very proud of the Blessing", wrote a member of the Scientific Council of the IIRPM, the chief editor of this Institute's journal Messenger of Hypnology and Psychotherapy, -- "Blessing is a great force, it opens all doors" [214] .

The IIRPM, in every possible way, advertises its connection with the Church and the blessing it has received. In all their advertisements, its audio-recording series "Psychophysical Self-regulation", its publications (like the Messenger of Hypnology and Psychotherapy and the collection Healing by Word), at the conferences, and in the courses offered by the Humanitarian Lyceum opened at the IIRPM (where students are subjected to special psychotherapeutic brainwashing, at the "codification" seances -- everywhere this sinister establishment flaunts this information on the blessing received from the Orthodox Church.

Hypnotists from the IIRPM are especially proud of the patriarchal blessing. In the journal Messenger of Hypnology and Psychotherapy one reads: "During the festive liturgy marking the consecration of the restored monastery of St. John of Kronstadt on June 12, 1991 the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Alexius II, blessed the endeavors of E.A. Goryansky, the President of the IIRPM, G.I. Grigoryev -- the Vice-President and the leading psychotherapist of the same Institute, and A.E. Arkhangelsky -- the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the IIRPM (...), Editor of the journal Messenger of Hypnology and Psychotherapy (...). All the named persons were presented with the icons, sanctified in Jerusalem at the Lord's Sepulcher on the 31st of March, 1991 during the Holy Patriarch Alexius' II visit there" [215].

"Blessing of the work of Russian psychotherapists by the Holy Patriarch (...) on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church took place for the first time in the Soviet period. We do not know of similar precedent in the pre-revolutionary times" [216]. We wish to add that Russia did not know of a similar "Patriarch" either.

The IIRPM which practices extrasensory perception or the "nontraditional methods of healing", to be more precise -- magic and witchcraft, under the guise of "struggle with alcoholism", smoking and evil inclinations, thanks to the protection of the leading hierarchs and "elders" of the Moscow Patriarchate, was given the opportunity to conduct seances of mass "codification", i.e. hypnotisation of people (in 1994 their number reached approximately 100.000).

The main objective of the IIRPM, as is evident from its name, is to unlock certain "reserve potentials" of man. What are these hidden "reserve" potentials, and why should they be "unlocked"?

The Vice-President of the IIRPM, G.I. Grigoryev and a member of the Scientific Council A.E. Arkhangelsky characterize them as follows: "Reserve potentials mean the use of auto-suggestion in healing oneself, eliminating pain, turning water into wine -- in drinking water and becoming intoxicated (...); it means specific phenomena: wax-like suppleness, catalepsy (stiffening of extremities in the pose imparted to them), retrograde amnesia (partial loss of memory) [217]

It is quite clear from the above that one is dealing here with the manifestation of hidden, i.e. occult potentials of man by means of hypnosis. In other words -- with an intrusion into a prohibited sphere of the irrational and the chaotic, of that which the Lord had providentially hidden from man.

From the Holy Scriptures, from the works of the Church Fathers, of St. John of Kronstadt, Bishops Ignatius Bryanchaninov and Theophan the Recluse we know how dangerous and terrible is this intrusion into the sphere of the spirit. The Elders of Optina, for instance, invariably referred to hypnosis as an "evil, non-Christian force" (St. Barsanuphius). Elder Nectarius described it with words which are particularly relevant today: "Hypnosis is a terrible thing. Once people were afraid of this act, they were avoiding it, but now they are carried away by it... The trouble is that this knowledge enters our life under the cover of an allegedly great benefit to mankind..." [218]

Let us also quote a comment on non-traditional medicine -- psychics and hypnotists -- published in the JMP seven years ago, i.e. before the "Patriarch" and other "hierarchs" of the MP openly began giving their blessing to the IIRPM and all kinds of "healers".

The author of the article "Do Not Participate in the Works of Darkness" speaks of hypnotism as a phenomenon which "destroys man's spirit"; he characterizes it as a "conscious service to evil", and points out the fact that hypnotism "makes use of dark forces of the spiritual world" [219]

The IIRPM which received an official support of the MP and is located in St. Petersburg, conducts hypnotic codification of people not only in 50 cities in Russia where it has its branches, but in other countries as well. According to its popularizers, this method "may be used under any conditions and has a great capacity" of codifying up to 800 people in a 3-hour long seance. [220]

In St. Petersburg, Archpriest Vasily Lesnyak personally participated in seances of codification. They were conducted either in the cinema "Festival" (where pornography and horror films are shown between the seances of psychotherapy), or, contrary to the assurances of "healers" -- in the Church of the Savior in Pargolovo where this black magician usually served. [221]

According to eyewitnesses and stenographic notes of the seances of "general codification", the latter is preceded by Lesnyak's brief instruction on the benefit of this method and on the "reserve potentials" which it will unlock. «Referring to the Word of God as the "Super Book" he would say: "heavenly bliss may be felt already here on earth, reserve potential is what Kingdom of Heaven really is"» [222]. Then follows a short supplication service during which the serving clergy stand with their backs to the icons which are placed on the chairs near the microphones. Gospel is read in Russian. This is followed by the "general codification" proper, under the glare of floodlights and accompanied by music (including church music), all this resembling a show. Then the "healer" G. Grigoryev, after advertising himself and leaping with a "rod" introduces his teacher-hypnotist A.R. Dovzhenko, who has allegedly managed to "penetrate into the realm which for centuries had remained inaccessible to many" [223]

Light alternating with darkness on the stage, Grigoryev then performs some ritual movements of the body and utters some incantations in his metallic voice (this is known as "giving a code". Then suddenly he jumps up cutting through the air with his rod and shouting instructions to the audience. "Grigoryev's shouts and leaps against the cinema background are like a horror film come to life" [224]. Behind him, at the back of the stage there stand his assistants in white coats, while the hypnotists from the IIRPM are positioned in different parts of the hall amongst the audience. They are busy performing "general codification" which lasts half an hour. This "treatment" is consolidated by means of individual codification which is conducted by hypnotists in private, alone with the patient, and no outside observers are permitted" [225].

One must pay for a seance of codification approximately twice the average monthly wages. True, patients have right to request decodification and get their money back. Lesnyak himself and psychic G. Grigoryev with his collaborators are sacrilegiously attempting to convince doubting individuals that hypnotism and "codification" method are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, imparted to Grigoryev by God. At the same time they forget that even if this were so... then "decodification" is a real peddling of the Divine grace" [226].

"Codification" against alcoholism which the plunderers of human souls have begun to euphemistically call "the therapeutic pledge" is being practiced not only in St. Petersburg diocese, but in the other dioceses of MP as well. Thus, in Smolensk, no doubt with the blessing of Metropolitan Kirill (Gundyaev) of Smolensk, this "pledge is taken with the doctors' participation -- in the church of Annunciation and in the Cathedral of Epiphany (...) with the involvement of clergy". Archpriest Michael Ulyakhin, Lesnyak's colleague and defender, freely writes about this in the collection published by the IIRPM under the pretentious and fraudulent title "Healing by Word". According to Ulyakhin such "healing" "is performed in Gorodok in the District of Vitebsk and in St. Petersburg, as I myself have witnessed, since Vladyka Ioann, Metropolitan of St.Petersburg and Ladoga, is the Chairman and Trustee of St. Alexander-Nevsky's Brotherhood of Temperance and Mercy. Here, in Polotsk, doctors and myself must work in hired premises since I do not serve in the town itself" [227].

And here is another piece of evidence: "Apart from everything else, in St. Petersburg for some time there has existed the Brotherhood of St. John the Forerunner whose spiritual father is Archpriest Vladimir Sorokin, the former rector of the Leningrad Theological Academy and an active ecumenist. Under his aegis the Chairman of the Brotherhood, a certain Osnitsky, regularly conducts seances of healing in the Brotherhood's premises in a special room decorated with exotic religious paintings in the surrealist style. At this point a mention should be made of the activity of specialists in the diocesan hospital of St. Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, who are engaged in discussions with their Western Protestant colleagues about the joint establishment of the so called "centers of rehabilitation" where they would... "remove injury" from those sectarians of extreme denominations who suffered spiritual abuse [228].

Theological schools of the MP also present a promising sphere of action for those whom the Fathers called "sorcerers". In September of 1993 G. Grigoryev was a guest speaker at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Both the Academy and Seminary intend to introduce a course in... extrasensory perception and hypnotism. Generous donations which psychics like A. Il'in give to theological schools obviously make a favorable impression upon the authorities which permit these wolves to tend future pastors, initiating them into the "mysteries of the universe", "after-death" and other "mysteries".

The answer to the question what is it that so irrepressibly "attracts Metr. Ioann to sorcerers and magicians, and what is behind the passion for this soul-destroying activity", is given by the author of the cited brochure about "witchcraft under the Church Omophorion". He gives biographical details of Metr. Ioann's spiritual father (another "elder" and "struggler" of the MP) -- Metropolitan Manuel Lemeshevsky from his biography compiled by Metropolitan Ioann himself [229]. It follows from this biography that, briefly speaking, Metr. Manuel who was familiar with various "healers" and "mesmerists", was in a state of demonic delusion.

The book "Mysteries of My Universe" written by the famous psychic A. Il'in and illustrated by impressive photographs [230] tells about Metr. Ioann, who was canonized during his lifetime as a "patriot", and about his friendship with magicians. The last chapter of the book is dedicated to the friendship of A. Il'in, this St.Petersburg's "healer" and bio-energeticist of the world class, A. Il'in with MP and with Metropolitan Ioann in particular.

A. Il'in's friends from the Church have not only consecrated his apartment and his center "Energetic Triangle" (the consecration ritual was performed by Archpriest Nicholas from the St. Nicholas-Epiphany Cathedral), but Metr. Ioann himself would always bless the famous psychic whenever he met him, which happened regularly. Il'in writes: "The Church presented me with two icons, one belonging to the 19th and the other belonging to the 18th century, and now people who come to my center in order to heal their body and soul, will be able to experience the beneficial influence of an icon" [231]. (!)

The inhabitants of St. Petersburg remember the unusual press-meeting of Metr. Ioann and "bio-energeticist" Il'in in the concert hall in Lenin's Square, which the newspaper Trud (of 25 March, 1993) called the "Union of the Cross and the Stage". Following the hierarch's scandalous buffoonery with the magician, the St. Petersburg Diocese has received from Il'in "several million roubles and a significant sum in foreign currency" for its needs, and three million and six hundred thousand roubles for the needs of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy"... "Our Orthodox Church needs such help" -- commented Il'in on his charity [232]. Commentaries, as we think, are superfluous.

The Moscow Patriarchate admits magicians to Communion, their loathsome endeavors are openly blessed, and no objections to all this are raised on the part of the MP leadership. In 1992, Archbishop Nicholas of Vladivostok publicly blessed healer-sorceress and "consecrated" her magician's diploma. "In 1993, on the very day of Pentecost (!) in the (patriarchal - L. P.) Yelokhovo Cathedral in Moscow a solemn marriage ceremony took place: the marriage of the son of the famous witch Dzhuna Datashvili, himself a magician" [233], like his bride. This wedding could be seen not only by worshippers who came to pray on this great feast day of the Holy Trinity, but also by video- and television viewers, thanks to the efforts of many reporters with cameras. These are only a few examples of excesses perpetrated in the MP, the list of which becomes longer every day.

What attracts psychics to the Church? Why do they come to church and send their charges there? Why do they stand before icons and relics and partake of Communion? They do it, of course, not for the love of Christ and His Church, but in their mad attempt of spiritual plunder, providing "additional nourishment", or "re-charging" themselves, as they say.

"Many worshippers were able to observe the psychics standing before icons for a long time with their arms spread wide and goggle-eyed trying to soak up the devotional energy issuing from the particularly venerated and wonderworking icons. The same is true of partaking of Communion, although the number of psychics who partake of Communion is not great. As is also the case with icons, they approach this Mystery in order to steal the crumbs from the "wedding feast" of the Holy Eucharist [234]. As a rule, they never go to a proper confession, but attend "general confession" which we discussed above. The clergy knows that, as it happened previously, there are instances of the Holy Gifts being stolen for the express purpose of Satan worship. Sacrilegious acts prompted in sorcerers and psychics by the devil, increase their demonic gifts and dark powers. However, not only in the world to come, but, as a rule, already in their lifetime they are overtaken by condemnation: madness, suicide, accidents affecting them or their loved one -- this is the "reward" from their father-the-devil.

Great temptation for church people is being sown by "pastors" who participate in the deeds of darkness. Because of them and other apostates -- Sergianists, ecumenists and modernists -- the flock of MP has almost entirely lost the gift of discerning the spirits without which it is impossible to distinguish an elder from a sorcerer, or Christ from Antichrist. Such blindness has affected even the most well-intentioned of "elders" -- Archimandrite Ioann (Krestyankin) of the Pskov Monastery of the Caves and Archpriest Nicholas Guryanov from the Zalit island. They are the "sages" who blessed the activities of the IIRPM endeavors without giving themselves the trouble of finding out about the methods used by these hypnotizers-codifiers, who appeal to "reserve potentials of man", and sorcerers-psychics who refer to devils as "cosmic powers". Here is an instance: "A certain Fr. Valentin (Pskov District), revered as an "elder" acquired an amazing "gift": he constantly communes with devils whose whisperings he enters into his diary. Another "elder" Naum of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra without hesitation directs his spiritual children to a certain "guru" for the purpose of purification. His ignorant and deceived admirers pass his gift of clairvoyance as that of spiritual insight. Unfortunately, the demonic deception acquired by such pseudo-elders is admired by numerous laity of the MP who are deprived of grace of Church Mysteries, and it is passed as lofty spirituality" [235]. What then is the worth of fasting and praying of the Patriarchate's "elders", so glorified by their admirers? Did not the heretics Arius and Nestorius distinguish themselves in "fasting" and "praying"? Does the devil himself have any need for food and rest?

Noteworthy is also the fact that, as a rule, all these "healers" and "wonderworkers" earn good money with their abilities. In this regard they follow neither the Word of the Lord: "freely ye have received, freely give" (Mt. 10,8), nor the Holy Unmercenaries Physicians Cosmas and Damian (1 July), Cyrus and John (31 Jan.), St. Agapitus of the Kiev Caves (1 June), Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon (27 July), and others, but rather Simon the Sorcerer (Acts, 8) and the "damsel possessed with a spirit of divination" who "brought her masters much gain by soothsaying" (Acts, 16,16).

The approaching Armageddon (Rev. 16,16) gathers its troops. The orders sound louder and louder, and the rows of regiments are becoming more and more clearly outlined; "neutral" territory has long since disappeared, and everyone must decide whose side he is on...

[212] On the problem of dark spirituality in Russia see very interesting books which are based on facts: Priest Rodion, "Liudi i demony. Obrazy iskusheniia sovremennago cheloveka padshimi dukhami" (People and Demons. The Modes of Temptation of Modern Man by Fallen Spirits), St.Petersburg, 1991; and also the book "Osteregaites' proizvodiashchikh soblazny" (Beware of Those Who Cause Temptations), Lugansk, 1991. The books by Hieromonk Seraphim (Rose) "Pravoslavie i religija budushchago" (Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future), Alma-Ata, 1991 and "Dusha posle smerti" (The Soul After Death), Moscow, 1991, which was widely known in Samizdat still in the Soviet years, have exercised an exclusive influence and helped many people to become aware of the danger of the occult, magic, Eastern cults, meditation and other "forbidden fruits"

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About the disturbing tendency of the Moscow Patriarchate to slide into dark spirituality see also R. Dobrovolsky's brochure "Bozhii skomorokhi' ili koldovstvo pod tserkovnym omoforom" (God's buffoons or Witchcraft under the omophorion of the Church), St.Petersburg, 1994 and the article "Votserkovlenie charodeistva" (Witchcraft Joins the Church) in the St. Petersburg's journal of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad Vozvrashchenie (Return) No. 5, 1994.

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